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Windows 8 Vocabulary Crossword

Have you tried Windows 8 yet? There's lots of new English words involved with using windows 8. See if you can find the words you need to do this crossword.

1 2        
    4   5              
      6   7
  8                             9
  10 11     12                    
13                               14        
15           16    
17         18            
  19   20      
      21                     22    
    24           25    
27         28            
29                 30      

2.move your finger quickly across the screen
3.you'll get this if you press ctrl+shift+esc (2 words)
4.a free application that can tell you what day it will be in 200 days, or how many liters in 9 American quarts
8.pressing the windows button will hopefully take you there (2 words)
11.to quickly touch the screen
12.a new security feature that blocks unknown applications
13.instead of a password you can tap in a special way on a picture
14.draw two fingers across the screen to make something smaller
15.what menu will you get if you press the windows key + "x"?
18.the screen on your computer that looks a lot like Windows 7 or Vista
21.a computer keyboard that appears on touch screens (2 words)
23.a function where you can clean up your computer without deleting your files
24.A menu that appears when you press the windows key and "c". (2 words)
26.SkyDrive is Microsoft's ___________ service
27.What do you get when you press F1?
28.the brand name for the new windows 8 interface
29.to get games you have to sign into this windows store (brand name +1 word)
30.short for applications
1.a feature where a helper can view your computer screen via the internet in order to help you with a computer problem
2.the windows key + "i' gets you this menu
3.In the start screen all the applications appear as these.
5.the first screen you see when you turn on the computer
6.the second charm in the charms bar, counting from the top
7.pressing the windows key + prtscrn sends this to your pictures folder
8.what happens when you press alt+tab, or win+tab
9.abbreviation for the windows key
10.the British spelling for when you change the appearance of something to suit yourself
16.Windows 8 backup system
17.you're in the apps store and you press alt+F4. What will the application do?
19.initially Microsoft wanted to call the windows interface this name, but they couldn't because of a trademark dispute
20.a long number that is given to you when you buy software, it proves your purchase
22.Windows RT can be used on these. (one acronym + one word)
25.Windows 8 does this 50% faster than Windows 7 (2 words)

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