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UK Parliament


Key words/terms associated with the British Parliament

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3.carried out by MPs on behalf of their constituents who feel they have been unfairly, or unjustly treated by the government, or by one of its agencies, the NHS, the police, immigration authorities, etc.
6.The name of a person in the House of Lords
7.specially formed committees to look into particular bills, propose amendments
10.another word for the law
13.A meeting, by either House, which involves the full house, i.e. PMQT
16.meaning you inherit your title
17.a member of the cabinet (Secretary of State for Justice) AND a law lord, who sits in the Lords,
19.An MP who is in the government
21.the part of the parliament where non-Lords sit.
22.the question of whether the British parliament adequately provides for not just white, middle class people
23.posh word for the combination of legislature and excutive in British politics
1.Members of the Church of England who sit in the Lords
2.examined, surveyed, questioned
4.Another word for government
5.they 'shadow' a government department- they investigate the work of government departments, consider major departmental policies, consider proposed legislation
8.another word for power, but not quite as strong. Someone may be this because they have knowledge, for example.
9.Members of the governing party who try to ensure that all its MPs vote unanimously
11.the place in the House of Lords where peers of no political affiliation sit
12.the posh word for choosing who goes into government or not
14.the right to rule is given by the people- it is fair and proper- so MPs have this.
15.A large debate in the House of Commons about the nation's future, a critical moment
18.The body which passes laws
20.a 'politics word' we use for change

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