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3.a simple machine that is a stright slanted surface, which faceilitat the rasing of loads; a ramp
6.the transfer of energy to an object by useing a force that causes the object to move in the dicrection of the force
7.th ework done a machine; the product of the input force and the distance through which the force is expelled
10.a simple machine that consists of two circular objects of diffrent sizes; the wheel is teh larger of the two cricular objects
11.a simple machine that consists of a bar that piviots at a fixed point called a fulcrum
12.a simple mahcine that is made up of two iclined planes and that moves often used for cuting
14.the work done by a machine; th eproduct of the input force and the distance throug which teh force is expelled
15.a machine mane of more than one simple machine
1.a simple machine that consists of an inclined plane that wraped around a cylinder
2.a number tha ttells how many times a machine multiplies force
4.the rate at wich work is done or energey is transefed
5.the unit used to express power, equivillint to joules per second, (symbol, W)
8.a device that helps do work by ethire over comeplying a force or changeing the driction of the applied force
9.the unit used to express energey; equivilent to the amout of work done by the force of 1N acting through of 1M in the direction of the force (symbol, J)
13.a simple machice that consists of a wheel over which a rope, chain, or wirer passes

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