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Greek Crossword Puzzle

Alex Sohn

3   4
  5 6            
9       10     11               12  
13 14                    
17           18                 19

1.Hercules slayed ______ the seven headed serpent like dragon
6.________ had a head of a lion, serpent's tail, and body of a goat
9.The centaur that trained Achilles, Theseus and many other heroes was _______
11.Water monster who sucked in water and spit it out to create whirlpools was ______
14._______ the son of Zeus who slayed the gorgon, Medusa
15.______ were half horse and half man
17.________ enchanted sailors to crash into their island by singing songs
18.________ forged Zeus's lightning bolts, Poseidon's trident, and Hades's Helm of Darkness
20.King of the Giants is ____
21.Sea monster that lived on the side of a cave and devoured ships was ______
22.Hera's guard who had 100 eyes on his body was ______
23.After Troy lost the Trojan War, _______ fled and went to Italy and was the descendant of Romulus and Remus
2.______ was the one that Helen fell in love with after she married Menelaus and caused the Trojan War
3._____ stole the Golden Fleece to claim the throne
4._______ went back to the Underworld to try to retrieve his wife with music but failed
5._______ went into the Labyrinth and slayed the Minotaur
6._______ is the three-headed dog that guarded the Gates of Hades
7.________ Greek's best warrior in the Trojan war who was invincible except his heel
8.______ was filled with Greek soldiers and when it was brought into Troy, the soldiers destroyed the city
10.________ Greek's warrior who came up with the Trojan Horse and reached home after 10 years after the war
12.________ had the bodies of goats and upper parts of a human
13._______ were the three old women that decided a person's life
16.______ was the winged horse
18.______ was the leader of the Titans who killed his father Uranos
19._____ Titan who carried the weight of the sky on his shoulders

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