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Their Eyes Were Watching God

1 2
4 5              
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11                     12

5.What Tea Cake contracts from his dog bite
6.Tea Cake's real name (2 Words)
9.Protagonist of the story (2 Words)
11.Name of town in Florida; Janie's husband is the mayor
13.Where the novel was written
14.Janie's third husband; her "true love"
15.Number of weeks it took to write the novel
1.The game Janie and Tea Cake play when they first meet
2.The boy Janie kisses (2 Words)
3.Author of the novel
4.Janie's best friend (2 Words)
7.Name of Janie's first husband (2 Words)
8.Janie's second husband (2 Words)
10.Where Janie and Tea Cake live
12.What Janie kills Tea Cake with

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