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9ers:Exam Review 9's Lit Vocab


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3.words heard by the audience, but not the other actors
6.idea to be argued and supported in an essay
8.the character who acts against the protagonist
11.the distance between what is said and what is meant (2 words)
14.a story within a story, often didactic
15.not literal language (2 words)
17.characters with several complex traits (2 words)
18.a careful questioning of all elements of the text (2 words)
20.poetry with no regular rhyme or meter (2 words)
25.writing that explains
27.clues, hints, to show what is to come
28.word selection and arrangement
30.words that have very similar sounds
31.the emotions of a piece, how it makes you feel
32.a direct comparison of unlike things
33.recurrences of stressed and unstressed syllables especially in poetry
1.like, than, as
2.divisions in poems
4.a character who exhibits growth (2 words)
5.a character lacking depth or complex traits (2 words)
7.a character who remains much the same (2 words)
9.time, place, mood, and culture
10.he drank in all that dark, dank doom
12.language that is what it is (2 words)
13.the vantage point from which the story is told (3 words)
16.main idea in a work
19."He was powerful, but certainly no Zeus!"
21.all knowing
22.all's well that ends well
23.the voice in a poem
24.the problem
26.the speaker's inner thoughts to the audience
29.high point in action or tension

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