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Solar Sstem

Jacko Eyres

on the solar system

1 2 3 4   5
6                   7            
8           9        
  10   11  
12   13                         14 15
16         17            
20             21                    
  22 23           24        
25         26         27
29       30            

3.This rocky planet has seen volcanoes
6.It measures what activity and life are on the planets
7.The outermost gas giant
8.our great planet
9.a flash of light
13.The first man on the moon
16.it is similar size to the earth and the atmosphere is primarily carbon dioxide
18.It is in our air
19.The second man on the moon
20.It orbits close to the sun
21.It is a sudden brightening of the sun observed
23.Things that fly people to the moon
25.It is the galaxy that contains our Solar System
28.It is the largest planet in the solar system
29.it is a company who fly people to the moon and make rocket ships
30.It is the third of the gas giants`
1.Its a shooting star in the movies
2.It is also known as a jovian planet
4.It deals with celestial objects
5.Its hot and it provides us with light
10.It was stripped of its planet
11.They are a rocky substance
12.Jupiter was named after the the something of the gods
14.The man who discovered jupiter
15.nearly every planet and moon have this
17.all the planets form this
22.It is a astronomical event that occurs when a astronomical event when obscured
24.This is the only planet with a ring around it
26.Mars is named after the god of it
27.Something that travels around planets

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