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SLEEP PUZzzzzle!

Aqsa Malik

For research paper

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1.How do you feel before you sleep.
4.a brain state that occurs when a healthy individual is not asleep.
7.Disorder where you have problems falling and staying asleep
9.Old people ______ in their sleep
11.the cycle in which non-REM and REM sleep alternate in 90- to 110- minute phases (2 Words)
12.a specialist in the study of sleep and in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
13.Type of clock that has a natural sleep and wake cycle. (2 Words)
14.Sleep talking is also known as _________
15.Being sleep ____ deprived is unhealthy.
17.Animals that stay awake during the night are... ?
18.Staying up for days continuously can be ______ .
2.When we sleep we have ________
3.A _____ jerk happens during your sleeo
5.a physical and mental resting state in which a person becomes relatively inactive and unaware of his or her environment.
6.Sleep and _______ cycle
8.Walking in your sleep is also known as _________
10.The process of creating images in your head (2 Words)
16.Number of hours that the average person needs to sleep

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