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Zack - Parts Three & Four


Test your knowledge of the details for Parts Three & Four.

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4.name of the street where Zack enounters racist lady is called Saint _______.
6.the hotel that rejects Zack because of his skin colour
7.Zack's mom believes he did not take music "just to be ______________."
9.a picture of this person is on the grandfather's wall (three words, no spaces)
10.the hotel for black people
13.a musician
14.Zack's fake name in Mississippi
15.Zack's mom wrote the song ___________ on 61. Fill in the blank
16.Zack's graduation gift from his mother
17.Zack's grandfather
18.the gift that Jen gave Zack (another word for necklace, starts with "p")
20.the place where Zack's grandfather lives
22.Zack's mother's cousin
23.drives Lucas to the airport
24.has gold nugget made into a necklace
25.Zack's truck gets damaged in the storm by a ______________.
1.militant black power group from the 1960's (2 words, no space between)
2.Jen's major in university (2 words, no space between)
3.Zack's major in university
5.the grandfather's deceased friend
8.the place in Ohio where the police have an encounter with Zack
11.Zack's father copies this number reading down before heading to Montreal.
12.how many hundred dollars Zack gets from the Piffard for the nugget
19.Zack's graduation gift from his father
21.a professor a the university

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