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Chapter 12 Earth and Space

Ms. Russell

Complete the crossword puzzle by using your science book. Please pay attention to ALL CAPTIONS, DEFINITION AND TEXT. Use pages 367-387

1 2 3
  4     5
7 8                            
    10       11   12      
  13   14              
17         18
19   20   21  
23     24

8.What is the title of Chapter 12?
9.When the sun comes into the sky?
10.The part of Earth where we live is tilted toward the Sun
14.Spinning on an axis.
16.Which planet is not apart of the solar system anymore?
17.The shape of the lighted part of the Moon.
19.The part of the Earth where we live is beginning to tilt away from the Sun.
22.What is the biggest and brightest object in the night sky?
23.An imaginary line around which a planet turns.
25.What is at the center of Earth's solar system?
1.A hole that has the shape of a bowl.
2.A group of stars that form a picture.
3.The Sun, the planets, and their moons, and other objects that orbit the Sun.
4.When the sun goes down and the moon rises is called _____?
5.How many hours does it take for the Earth to make one rotation? ( spell out the number)
6.What is caused by Earth's rotation?
7.The part of Earth where we live is tilted away from the Sun.
9.The part of the Earth where we live is beginning to tilt toward the sun
11.The Sun is much bigger than what?
12.The path around something.
13.What is made of hot, glowing gases?
15.How long does it take the Earth to orbit the Sun? *it is a number*
18.How many vocabulary words re in this chapter?
19.About how many weeks does it take for the Moon to move all away around Earth? *Spell out the Number*
20.The constellation that looks like a lion is called______?
21.The sun is the highest at ______?
24.Where does Earth get its heat and light from?

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