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Reading SOL Review

Holzberger/English 8

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57                             58                    

2.problem between a character and an outside force (2 Words)
9.the feeling the reader gets as he/she reads the story
10.text structure where events are told in order of how they occured
11.villain in the story- negative force
13.songlike poem
17.literature that is made up or false
20.hints or clues to suggest events that will occur in the future
23.repeated sounds in words (tongue twister)
25.problem that develops in the story
27.poetry with NO rhythm or rhyme (2 Words)
29.author's attitude towards what they are writing aboutmmo
31.pattern of events in a story
33.character who develops or makes a decision during the story (2 Words)
35.belief or opinion
36.someone outside the story is telling it and we know ONE character's thoughts and feelings (3 Words)
38.author's purpose: a commercial or advertisement
40.readers learn about a character straight from the author (2 Words)
42.the readers AND the characters are surprised by what happens (2 Words)
43.people in a story
45.hero or heroine of the story- positive force
49.a return to an earlier time in the story
50.giving the qualities of a human to an animal or object
51.pair of rhyming lines
52.information that is true or real
55.sound words in poetry or literature
56.extreme exaggeration
57.text structure where there is a problem and answers or choices are given that will solve the problem (2 Words)
58.making a guess or drawing a conclusion about something that is happening
1.contrast between what is expected and what occurs
3.readers learn about a character based on actions, speech, and thoughts (2 Words)
4.lesson or moral of a story or selection
5.direct comparison that does NOT use "like" or "as"
6.stanza containing four lines
7.events that build from the conflict during the story (2 Words)
8.contract between what is said and what is meant (sarcasm) (2 Words)
12.someone outside the story is telling it and we know ALL thoughts and feelings (3 Words)
14.a 5-line, rhymed, rhythmic verse, usually humorous
15.words that appeal to the five senses
16.the reader knows more about the story and what is happening than the characters (2 Words)
18.someone outside the story is telling it and we don't know ANY thoughts or feelings (3 Words)
19.character who stays the same during the story (2 Words)
20.point of view when a character is telling the story (I, me, my) (2 Words)
21.comparison which uses "like" or "as"
22.the events after the conflict where action drops (2 Words)
24.author's purpose: reading for fun or enjoyment
26.text structure where similarities and differences are shown or given (2 Words)
28.text structure where all the information about an item, event, or person is given (2 Words)
30.when an object has a deeper meaning
32.problem within a character (2 Words)
34.first thing that happens in a story (2 Words)
37.time and place of a story
39.the reason an author writes the selection or advertisement or story (2 Words)
41.text structure that gives the reason for something happening and the result (3 Words)
44.literature that is true or "not false"
46.solution or acceptance of problems in story
47.turning point of a story- most important scene or event
48.poetry with no rhythm but there IS rhyme (2 Words)
53.author's purpose: a textbook or biography
54.unrhymed Japanese verse, usually about nature

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