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UNIT 7A Terms and concepts associated with the Inca

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2.One of the items offered to the Spanish to ransome the Incan emperor
7.The English translation of the Incan capital city
8.This leader eventually died at the hands of the Spanish.
11.Legend tells us the first Inca (son of the sun) was called by this name (write as one word)
12.Highly nutritious yet controversial leaf consumed in the Andes.
14.Incan language
15.This Christian rite was done to the Incan leader before he was killed.
16.What was Sacsahuaman?
18.Name of the Incan capital city
19.Last name of the Spanish conquistador who led the conquest of the Inca
21.The Inca kept accounting records with sets of knotted strings.
22.This high mountain lake is found in the Incan territory
1.The economic structure of the Incan empire (Communist? Capitlist? etc.)
3.This Incan beast of burden could haul up to 70 pounds
4.Number of years it took the Spanish to take control of the empire.
5.This Andean instrument is known as "pan pipes" in English
6.This high protein grain /seed was grown bythe Inca.
9.Traditional charangos were made of this shell.
10.This Incan city was found in 1911 (write as one word)
13.The Incans built bridges out of these (ropes made of ---)
17.The Incas planted food on these
20.Name of the sun god of the Incas.
21.Flute-like instrument popular in Andean music.

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