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Little House on the Praire

Daija Smart

1 2
6 7            

3.a heavy snowstorm that lasts for a long time
4.to state or demand as one's right
7.a bitter organic derivative of the bark of South America and Asian tree that is effective in treating malaria
8.a food made of cereal grains such as oatmeal that are boiled in water or milk
10.a serious disease carried by mosquitoes that caused chills, fever, and sweating
11.a shallow place in a river or other body of water that can be crossed without a boat or raft
1.the sign 0; naught or zero
2.a string attached to a latch and passed through a hole in a door, allowing the thing to be opened from the outside
3.a suitor or sweetheart to a girl or woman
5.a formal agreement between two or more countries
6.1.a fence for defense made of upright posts 2. a military person
9.a heavy flatiron with points at either end and a removable handle

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