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Spelling Emma

Emma J E Z Brune

1 2
4         5   6  
8 9              
10   11   12      

4._______ are found below the ozone layer.
9.This isn't a _______ endevor.
10.I had to _____ the stove to cook.
13._______ pass me a spot of tea.
14.This is a big rocky ______.
1.The dentist said that he has a ______.
2.That coco-cola is ____!
3.I put the keys in _______.
5.He ran so much he could be an ______.
6.That young sir just took his last ____.
7.His face is a _______ beautiful.
8.I must _______ my awful homework.
11.He likes to watch all of the beautiful _______ that is outside.
12.He is a certain ____ of animal.

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