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Planets of Space

Fionn Coffey

Puzzle about space

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  29           30     31

1.Is a type of belt
3.second person on the moon
7.Tiny things that live on some planets.
8.Tiny peaces of rock usually of an asteroid
10.The eighth planet from the sun
11.Explosion on the sun
14.Field so strong that nothing can escape it
15.Is it hot or cold in space
17.Chunks of dirt and ice
18.atmosphere is mainly made of hydrogen and helium
20.First person on the moon
24.Gases surrounding Earth and other planets
25.Suns but further away
26.How many moons does Pluto have
27.The largest planet in our solar system
29.Our home planet.
30.Has a Crater ten times the size of the Great Canyon
32.It is on planets but not in space
33.Is also called the Lord of the Rings
2.A rocky surface
4.Second planet from the sun
5.In greek it is the god of the under world.
6.Name of the missions to space
7.Closest planet to the Sun
9.Nonfunctional satellites
12.The study of planets, stars and outer space
13.When our solar system was made
16.Its on our planet and on mars
19.Robotic machines that collect rocks from different planets
21.Big planets full of gases
22.Name of the first mission to the moon
23.Planet that has a storm called the Red Dot
28.It is frozen on mars
31.The centre of our solar system.

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