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Luca Treppo


1 2
3 4          
5 6                    
    8   9  
11         12        
13 14    
16 17              
19             20     21    
22   23 24        

4.Chunks of dirty ice that fly through space.
6.The biggest type of star.
7.Coldest planet.
10.The ___ ____ theory
11.Nearly every planet has one of these.
15.A piece of technology that provide communications broadcast and television.
17.The eighth planet from the sun.
19.The man who discovered jupiter was Galileo ______
20.The ringed planet.
24.The planet with humans.
25.The closest planet to the sun.
26.A company that are the main astronomers that study space.
27.____ of dust and debris surrounding the planet
1.Planet that orbits around earth.
2.People that study and research on space and the universe.
3.The home of the galaxies.
5.The first name of the second man on the moon.
6.The object that takes you to the moon.
8.The name of the first person on the moon.
9.The thing that makes us be able to breath.
12.the name of the star before its formed
13.A piece of debris floating around in space.
14.Earths sister planet
16.Largest planet.
18.Mars was named after the god of ___
21.The only blue/green planet.
22.The natural source of light.
23.Planets of fire that are very far away.
25.A planet thats also named the Red planet.

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