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All about space

Sam O'Connor

This puzzle will test your knowledge on our solar system

1 2       3                
10                     11
  13 14      
15                       16            
    20 21         22
  23         24    
    26             27        
28         29 30      
  32       33        
34             35              

2.The first man on the moon
4.Pluto was named after the God of the...
5.How many planets are in the Outer System
7.The solar system was formed 4.6 __________ years ago
8.When was Uranus discovered
10.How many moons does Jupiter have
12.The largest planet in our solar system
15.Neptunes magnetic force is ______ stronger than Earths
16.The Caloris Basin is found on which planet
17.The Closest plane to the sun
18.The last name of the man who discovered Saturn?
19.In what year was pluto stripped of its classification as a planet
20.The largest comet in the solar system
23.The last planet in the Solar System
25.The last planet in the Inner Solar System
26.Jupiter is known as the ________ giant
27.Ishtar Terra is on which planet
28.The fifth largest planet in the solar system
31.Known for it's rings
32.This planet is the lightest of the Outer solar system
34.Was recently was deemed to not be a planet in our solar system
35.This planet is known as the God of the sea
36.The planet named after the Goddess of love
37.Which planets has 52 known moons
38.Jupiter was disovered by the...
1.How many planets in the Inner Solar System
3.The first mission to the moon
6.When was Hailey's comet last spotted
9.How many years does it take for Uranus to orbit the sun
11.The planet named after the God of travel
12.Is mainly made up of hydrogen and helium
13.Chariklo was a...
14.Our sun is considered ___________ sized
17.The smallest moon of Uranus
21.Which planet has the ozone layer
22.The second planet from the sun
24.Which planet takes 165 years to orbit the sun
25.The planet before the astroid belt
27.The planets matter is closest to Earth's
28.The only planet in the solar system with life
29.Which planet was though to have water billions of years ago
30.Known for large rings around it made out of dust and ice
33.Which planet is named after the God of the sky
35.Which planet has six rings

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