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Ma crossword

Nicholas Danke

Its a puzzle

1 2 3
4   5                
7                           8 9    
  10   11            
13                     14  
15   16      
18                         19      
      20 21    
22   23                
25             26            

5.This object takes pictures of our planet and other planets
6.it is known as the dwarf planet
7.set of stars that are on our flag
9.this star, gives us warmth and life on Earth
11.he was the third man on the moon and he was pilot of apollo eleven
12.It is the smallest planet since pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet
13.bit of rock that has come from far away and has a "tail"
18.the group armstrong was in
19.the name of the person that was the first on the moon
20.Mars is named after the god of this
23.keeps us on the ground
24.when an object travels around a larger one
25.what absorbs red light waves in uranus' upper atmosphere
26.biggest planet
27.the company in charge of the first person on the moon
28.Saturn is known for them
1.the solar........
2.the gas we breath in
3.are just like our sun but further away
4.Our home planet
8.used to see in space
10.another name for natural satellite
14.person who studies the solar system
15.bigger then a solar system, but smaller then the universe
16.the last name or the person that proved that the earth and other planets orbit the sun.
17.the name of our galaxy
21.the last name of the second person on the moon
22.this planet in famous for its large rings

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