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Unit 5 Vocab Crossword Quiz

1 2                 3
4 5      
    6     7         8   9    
12             13         14 15    
17       18                            
    22                         23      
26     27           28          
31                   32 33                      
        36                   37    
  38 39                 40              
              41         42  
    44           45     46  

2.Egyptian nationalist party led by Zaghlul
7.Built in 1961 to halt the flow of immigration from West Berlin to East Berlin
10.International organization formed after WWII
12.Huge industrial groups that wield great power in modern South Korea
16.War that ended in stalemate in Asia
18.Term given to governments supported or created by the US
19.War based on the political spheres of influence and a nuclear arms race
20.Guerrilla movement named in honor of Emiliano Zapata
21.Secret police in Nazi Germany, known for brutal attacks
22.Hitler's last-ditch effort to repel the invading allied armies
24.Policy of political liberation in the Soviet Union
26.USSR leader that urged reduction of nuclear armament
29.International economic crisis following WWI
31.Communist leader in revolutionary China that culminated the Long March of 1934
33.Policy of the USSR calling for economic restructuring
34.Student Brigades utilized by Mao Zedong
35.Overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista in Cuba
36.Program of substantial loans designed to aid Western nations in rebuilding from WWII
39.Food or industrial crops for which there is a high demand
41.An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization
43.He is responsible for the genocide of European Jews
44.His assassination led to the beginning of WWI
47.Political ideology that emphasized the organic nature of society
49.President of Russian Republic following the fall of the Soviet Union
50.British prime minister during WWII
1.Became the first black prime minister of South Africa
2.Alliance organized by the Soviet Union in 1949
3.Introduced programs to reduce impact of economic inequality
4.Led a non-violent independence movement in India
5.Established the 5-year plans to replace the New Economic Policy
6.Battle that decided US victory over the Japanese carrier force
8.Policy that allowed food production to recover in Russia
9.Assault carried out by Turkish military forces
11.Argentine revolutionary that aided Fidel Castro
13.Conservative peasant movement in Mexico during the 1920's
14.Chinese communist politicians
15.Economic policy that proposed industrializaion integrated in peasant communes
17.British colony on Chinese mainland
23.International organization created in the Treaty of Versailles
25.Revolution that helped produce higher yields of crops
27.German term for lightning warfare
28.President Franklin Roosevelt's precursor of the modern welfare state
30.Policy of strict racial segregation in South Africa
31.Created the first fascist government based on aggressive foreign policy
32.Alliance of multiple European countries to create a single economic entity
37.Chilean president that was overthrown in 1973 by the military with US support
38.War led by the US and various allies against Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1991
40.Mexican president that ended the Mexican Revolution
42.Led a resistance movement in Nicaragua against the US
45.First president of the Philippines in the late 1980's
46.Took power in Egypt following a military coup in 1952
48.Governed India after it gained independence

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