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April Showers Crossword

1 2
    3 4
5   6          
    7 8    
11                 12
  14 15 16        
19     20            
21                     22
  24   25                  

6.Theadora took the train to where?
9.Kathleen Kyd's book had the same what as Theadora's?
11.the week was a long what?
15.April Showers was being published in which season?
17.who needed more buttons?
18.how many times does the mailman visit a day?
20.what was uncle James' passion?
21.the home circle is a _______ company
23.who is the main character?
24.who was the author of the book that got published?
1.Theadora was how old?
2.DR. Dace held Theadora's what?
3.who is Theadora's father?
4.April Showers was theadora's what?
5.the ribbon belonged to Theadora's___
7.Theadora forgot to bring her mother's morning what?
8.in the acceptance letter they called Theadora what?
10.Theadora wish to buy her mother a
12.Dr. Dace smokes what?
13.the novel was tied up with a what?
14.who rejected April Showers?
16.Theadora wanted her book to be what?
19.Theadora's father was also a what?
22.Theadora's uncle
25.the library clock struck____ o clock

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