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Ms Dart

Use your knowledge of glaciers and Google to learn about the terms associated with glaciers.

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3.the term used to describe ice breaking free from a glacier
5.the place where a glacier flows over a steep cliff and breaks up
8.largest glacier in Canada, located in BC near Alaska
9.the ridge left by two or more glaciers eroding a mountain
10.the sharpened peak left by two or more glaciers eroding a mountain
11.a common "glacial" area that feeds more than one glacier
13.bowl shaped erosions caused by valley glaciers
15.water in the summertime that carves channels in the frozen glacier
18.the gouges and marks left by glaciers as they advance down a valley
20.glaciers that can bury mountain ranges, occur primarily in N & S Poles
22.the amount of iceberg visible to the human eye (2w)
23.material deposited by a glacier as it retreats
1.ice formed by freezing sea water, only 5 meters thick, breaks easy (2 w)
2.type of glacier that forms in a mountain range
4.a "drain" that disappears into a glacier caused by the meltwater on surface
6.a winding ridge of sand and water left by retreating glacier
7.a large ridge of material left by a retreating glacier, looks bulldozed up
12.a crack in glacial ice, can be many meters deep
14.a glacier that is flowing downhill but looks like it is melting
16.a glacier that is lenthening and growing
17.large chunks of ice that break free
19.The AB/BC icefield that flows into three major ocean systems
21.glacier that forms on level ground and flows outward (2 words)

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