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Aboriginal Oral Traditions

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1.Explain how certain natural features such as large rocks, river whirlpools, or islands came to be
5.They become static (unchanging) once they are written down (2 words)
6.May be accompanied by songs and dances that extend their meaning
12.Trickster in stories from the interior
13.They focus on transmitting skills, news, and history than on cultural values
14.One special type of story that records the history and traditions of a family
15.Created the sculpture called, The raven, and the First Men
2.A Nlaka'pamux Teaching story (5 words)
3.Trickster in stories from the coast, also a transformer
4.Chief of the Burrard Indian Band in North Vancouver
5.The art of delivering a formal speech in a public place
7.A way to orally educating first nations children (2 words)
8.Her name was Shirley Sterling and was the first Nlaka'pamux person to earn a PhD
9.The Chiefs of the Gitxsan and Wet'suwet'en sued BC for the right to their traditional territories (2 words)
10.He has supernatural powers and is not constricted by human limitations
11.The elder and granddaughter of Txalahaet who sang traditional Nisga'a songs

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