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Review for Comp I

P. Boyett

Puzzles using review terms and concepts for the final exam for English 1301.

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19 20                                
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2.Using someone else's words or ideas without credit
6.Fix it with a period, a semicolon or a connecting word (2 Words)
7.Kind of writing you will use
8.Your position on an issue
9.All of the sources you consulted
11.Used for possessives and contractions
14.All of the sources you mentioned in the paper (2 Words)
17.Collection of sources that have been reviewed for accuracy
20.States the subject and focus of a paragraph (2 Words)
21.Independent clause + independent clause (2 Words)
22.Use of emotion in an argument
25.Attitude toward your topic
26.Keep your hand moving so ideas will come
27.You will probably write more than one of these
29.format is author, title, publication information, medium
30.You should know what they know
31.General topic for your argument
1.Essay about an experience with reading, writing or language (2 Words)
3.Visual way to generate and connect ideas (2 Words)
4.Use of facts in an argument
5.Answers the question: what are you writing about? (2 Words)
10.What someone else believes
12.Independent clause + dependent clause (2 Words)
13.Not a complete sentence
15.Fixing errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation
16.Improving content
18.What both sides believe (2 Words)
19.Nonfiction, written about ideas
23.Answers the question: why are you writing this?
24.Subject + verb
28.Modern Language Association

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