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Mioow Red Words

all, as, are, at, but, for, had, have, he, her, his, not, on, one, said, so, they, we, with, you

1 2 3   4
7 8 9   10 11
12 13            
15 16   17 18

1.I am ____ happy today
3.____ is my brother.
6.The teacher s________ we are good students
8.T_______ cleaned up their classroom.
13.Can I walk w_______ you?
14.We went f_____ a walk.
16.___ you walk in please close the door.
19._____ plus two equals three.
20.She washed _____ clothes last night.
2.Please turn ____ the light.
4.___ packed up our school bags.
5.I h_______ two pencils.
7.I am happy b______ tired.
9.I _____ a good sleep last night.
10.______ are my best friend.
11.We are a_____ very happy.
12.He washed ____ clothes last night.
15.I am from Sri Lanka and _____ from Iran.
17.Look a____ the cat over there.
18.We a_____ students on Manus Island.

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