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West Indian Poetry Puzzle

Dexter Worrell

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3.In the search for identity, one must examine not only outside sources but oneself as well. (7 Words)
5.Wartime and nature imagery mixes well with the subject of love in this poem. (7 Words)
7.All men can be broken when they lose what they love, and those who are grow bitter towards the world. (4 Words)
8.Vivid visual imagery of nature and urgent tone convey the authors nostalgia. (4 Words)
9.This Shakespearean sonnet makes use of vivid descriptions to convey nostalgia. (3 Words)
10.Beautiful nature imagery offers a fitting comparison to lost hopes and dreams. (2 Words)
11.This inspirational poem about recovering from a broken heart details the authors ascent from depression to acceptance and recovery. (2 Words)
12.The smallest of things have the power to change things far greater than they are, as shown in this Italian sonnet.
13.With a resemblance to folklore, this poem tells of loss of innocence when we do that which we know to be wrong. (2 Words)
15.Portraying great depth of human suffering, this poem uses much figurative language to characterize lost love. (2 Words)
1.The hypocrisy of a society that ascribes more to a man in death than he was in life.
2.Perhaps the only way to ever be truly free of societal pressure is to find the permanent release of death. (7 Words)
4.Many have suffered from not being recognized for their work; the mark of passion is continuing even in the midst of sorrow. (3 Words)
6.This narrative poem uses dialect to enhance the effect of the folklore it presents. (2 Words)
14.Loss of innocence when our actions lead to misfortune whether directly or indirectly, purposefully or accidentally.

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