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Alex Spelling

1 2 3
    6     7    
8       9      
  11 12        

5.A boss will______ you to do things.
6.If its rainy it_________.
8.Their are lots of trees in the _____.
10.The word pre means ____ in words.
11.their are three types of writing persuasive, ______ ,and entertain.
13.I will ________ Sunday night.
14.I wake up in the ____ for school.
1.When you're mad at someone you ______ them.
2.I have to turn in my book________ tomorrow .
3.If you hurt someone feelings some people say _____.
4.The number _______.
7.If you were to save your country you will receive a _____.
9.A pencil is _____ than a TV.
12.Canada lives in the_____ part of North America.

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