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A Long Walk to Water

Julia Reel

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1.Salva lived in the city of _______ after he moved to be with his new family in America.
4.After days of deciding what to do for the people of Sudan, Salva finally chose to install ________ for his neighboring home villages in south Sudan.
6.Salva's father's first name.
7.Before the group crossed the _______ river, they got bitten by wads of mosquitoes. They used make-shift tents as shelter, before and after the crossed this river.
8.This is the younger sister of Nya. She got sick from cholera and her family had to walk a great distance of miles to get medical help.
11.Salva's father was in the hospital because he had _________ from drinking too much dirty water. (2 Words)
12.This is the desert in which Salva stubbed his toe. Salva's uncle go shot and killed in this desert
16.This is the last direction on the compass that Salva and his group walked in.
17.The second refugee camp that Salva went to.
18.In the Gilo river, many died trying to cross. The three main reasons of death were from crocodiles, being shot, or drowning from the strong _______.
2.This is the second country that Salva and his group went to. It is directly west of Sudan.
3.The name of the place that supplies food and shelter during a war is a ______. Salva stayed at few of these in his journey. (2 Words)
4.This is the most needed human resource. Nya had to walk miles each day to get this for her family. It can be bad if this is too dirty.
5.The males of this wild animal have a long, gold mane, and are responsible for many deaths. They are responsible for the death of Salva's friend, Marial.
9.Salva was _______ years old when he got on the plane to New York, to go meet his new family and start his new life. (2 Words)
10.Salva's village where he was born and raised. There was a rumor that is was bombed and attacked, and had burned down. Salva later found this to be partly false. (2 Words)
11.The river that the group crossed with the crocodiles. Many did not survive. (2 Words)
13.The first friend of Salva on the walk in the bush. He got stung by bees, after he found the honey comb for the rest of the group.
14.Salva's last name
15.This is the tribe that Nya and her family belong to. This tribe does not get along well at all with the Dinka tribe, and this horrible relationship sometimes results in injuries or death.

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