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A Day No Pigs Would Die Chapter 11-12


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5 6                     7 8
      10       11          
  12   13            

1.Pinky won for best ___________ pig..
6.amount Ben Tanner was offered for Bob and Bib (two words, no spaces)
9.whose dog is confined with a weasel (first and second name, no space)
10.number of sisters that Rob had that had married and left home
11.where the dog and the weasel are confined
13.state where the story takes place
14.animal killed to get the nutmeats for the cake
16.Aunt ______________
18.who Papa says is a really good farmer
19.Who says "This is my last winter. I have an affection, I know I do."
21.design of Jacob Henry's red and black coat that Rob coveted
2.extreme exagerration
3.comparison using 'like' or 'as'
4.implied comparison, one that does not use like or as
5.what Papa asked Tanner about as soon as they returned from Rutland
7.who did Rob's chores while he was in Rutland
8.fruit that grows in the Peck's orchard
11.what Papa does to pigs each day
12.where the fair was located
15.Papa is afraid that Pinky is _______, unable to have babies
17.animal that Papa is able to 'catch' attacking the chickens
18.number of brothers that Rob had that had died
19.name of dog that is weaseled
20.in ______ years, the Peck farm will be paid off.
21.Author of book

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