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D Cacciato

LGBTQ terms - practice

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4.violence against someone because they are transgender or transqueer (2 Words)
7.a person who holds more power who stands by and helps a person of lesser power
9.lack of sexual attraction or the lack of interest in and desire for sex. Sometimes, it is considered a lack of a sexual orientation
10.physical appearance or characteristics, choice of clothing or activities, that may be more feminine, masculine or androgynous separate from one's gender identity or sexual orientation (2 Words)
11.violence against someone because they are gay or fall generally under the queer umbrella (2 Words)
13.the assumption that heterosexual orientation is better than other sexual orientations
14.individuals whose gender identity and expression aligns with social expectations for their gender assigned at birth
17.a person whose physical sex or gender they were assigned at birth does not match the gender they feel themselves to be
19.a modern term for a traditional North American Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit, Native American and Metis) concept implying a masculine spirit and a feminine spirit in the same body. (2 Words)
20.the preferred term for a woman who engages in same sex relationships and identifies as a member of this community.
21.someone whose sense of self is not wholly male or female, but embodies elements of each gender
1.the preferred term for a person who engages in same sex relationships and identifies as a member of this community.
2.the institutions, policies and beliefs that reinforce the rigid categories of male and female as determining our sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender roles in a heterosexual manner.
3.one who is attracted to some members of all genders to varying degrees. The prefix "pan", from the Greek for all, indicates the belief that there are many genders
5.the gender with which a person identifies (i.e., whether one perceives oneself to be a man, a woman, or describes oneself in some less conventional way) (2 Words)
6.to be unsure of, or to re-examine one's previously assumed sexual orientation or gender identity.
8.Originally an insulting term for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as a self-affirming umbrella term
10.the belief that gender falls into two specific categories, male and female, and that there is nothing that falls in between (2 Words)
12.an irrational fear, dislike, or hatred of homosexuality or homosexuals, or of people or behaviours perceived to be homosexual.
15.the irrational fear and hatred of all individuals who transgress, violate or blur the dominant gender categories in a given society.
16.people who are born with external genitalia, internal reproductive organs, chromosones and/or endocrine systems that include characteristics of both biological sexes
18.a sexual orientation in which a person is attracted to some members of both sexes to varying degrees. The prefix "bi" indicates the belief that there are only two sexes or genders.

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