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A Day No Pigs Would Die Chapters 13-15


1   2   3 4 5
7 8                  
9       10      
  11       12          
      14                 15      
  16   17              
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  26           27              

1.Miss ________ is the name of the Peck's cat
6.Robert Newton ______
8.Tanner's religion
10.what Papa tried to hunt but couldn't manage to get
11.implied comaprison, one that does not use the word like or as
14.when the author gives hints of clues of events to come
17.Month when Papa dies
18.the class that Rob struggles with in school
20._____ Henry, classmate of Rob's
21.the name of Tanner's boar
23.where Haven Peck started to sleep because it was warmer
26.comparison using like or as
27.town that the story is set near
28.who Papa kills in chapter 14
29.the gift from the Shakers for the Peck family--Haven in specific
2.the person who digs the grave
3.extreme exagerration
4.how old Rob is at the end of the book
5."That's what being a man is all about, boy. It's just doing what's got to be ____"
6.giving human characteristics to an inanimate object
7.this story takes place in the nineteen ______. (decade)
9.why Tanner would get two of the litter if Pinky has babies (two words, no space)
12.The breed of Tanner's boar
13.Season of the year when Chapter 13 takes place
15.what Papa was practicing that he kept in the cigar box
16.Miss ________, Rob's teacher
19.state the story takes place in
21.the Peck's religion
22.Peck's milk cow
24.Mr. _________, the name of the undertaker
25.what Haven does at the very end of Chapter 14; it was the only time Rob saw him do it

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