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2 3  
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9                   10
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31             32          

1.foot used in Old Ironsides
4.Bringing in wood, feeding horses and cows, putting down bedding were all ___ of the children.
5.foot used in Thanatopsis
9.Thanatopsis is a meditation or view of _____
12.state where USS Constitution is now harbored as a national monument
13.expressing deep thoughtfulness
14.the father and ruler oof family or tribe
17.meter used in Thanatopsis
19.nicknamed the "Quaker Poet"
21.who makes it snow (hyphen is not included in the puzzle)
22.Had children who passed away
24.rhyme scheme in Snowbound
25.month when Snowbound takes place
30.name of the cemetary where the daughter is buried
31.Thanatopsis is written to someone who really treasures ______, who speaks in different languages.
32.what Bryant compares death to at the end of Thanatopsis
1.foot used in Snowbound
2.what the 'spell' is that Bryant couldn't break
3.these poets are known as _____ poets
6.what Bryant calls our burial spot or another word for tomb
7.format of Thanatopsis (two words, no space)
8.meter used in Snowbound
10.name of ship that Holmes writes about (no space)
11.worthy of respect
15.meter used in Old Ironsides
16.nicknamed "Father of American Poetry"
20.in additon to writing, also practiced medicine and studies law
26.Holmes calls the ship the _____ of the ocean air
27.Holmes calls the ship the _____ of the sea.
28.daughter in THe First Snowfall
29.the object of Zekle's affection
32.Holmes suggests we _____ the ship rather than tear it apart.

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