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Important Facts of CRP & ESR

by Diana Fusari, April Henne-Cashman, Michelle Jones

This puzzle was made as a study guide so that you can learn more about C-Reactive Protein & Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and how they work together for testing in the laboratory.

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7.You are at __________ risk if you have a CRP level between 3.0 mg/dL
10.If the specimen that is being used for ESR testing is not well mixed, it would be a ____________ test result.
11.You are at ____________ risk if you have a CRP level between 1.0 and 3.0 mg/dL
12.What must you do to the supplies before performing the test?
16.How do Lavender tops tubes contain?
19.This is the abbreviation in which CRP levels are measured?
20.What is the abbreviation for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate?
21.How many minutes does the second stage occur in?
22.A test result showing a CRP level greater than 8 mg/dL is a sign of _______________ or infection?
23.Also known as acute phase protein?
26.A protein that can be measured to your blood?
28.In most cases, what color tube top is used for a anti-coagulated venous blood sample for this test?
30._____________ disease is one of the reasons for having the CRP evaluated.
31.When the Rouleaux formation begins, it resembles the stacking of what?
1.This stage occurs in the last 10 minutes of the testing process?
2.How many risks are used when you are having a CRP test to evaluate your risk of heart disease?
3.This is another method used for ESR testing?
4.This stage takes place within the first 10 minutes of the testing period?
5.How many automated methods may be used to perform the ESR test?
6.CRP is also know as a ____________ phase protein?
8.Abbreviation for what you need to wear while doing laboratory testing?
9.The ______________ method is the most common CLIA-waived manual system employed.
13.Erythrocyte _______________ rate is elevated when inflammation occurs within the body?
14.Results of the ESR are reported in ____________________ per hour?
15.This causes the red blood cells to settle out of the solution and fall to the bottom of the pipette?
17.If the blood must reach the ________ mark, or the test will be valid?
18.A red blood cell?
24.A long, hollow, plastic tube is known as?
25.This formation is when the red blood cells start stacking?
27.During this stage, a constant rate of settling as the Rouleaux are set up (if present) ?
29.You are at ____________ risk if you have a CRP level of less than 1.0 mg/dL

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