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The Five Brave Captives

Ben Leggins

This crossword puzzle is full of characters from The Five Brave Cptives. Try to find them all!

1                     2
8 9                 10      
  14     15  

1.Soldier Ben's distant relative from 2012-A. He saves Mad City from the Gamaholics.
4.He is Soldier Ben's twin made of dark matter created by Hare.
5.He is the villain for most of the story. He can use psychic powers.
7.He is a lava creature that threatens Madagascar in 1459. He is Hare's archenemy.
9.He is a dark version of Hare taken over by wild dark matter.
11.One of the captains. He is sly, sneaky, and sometimes crazy.
13.He was born a ghost and has a black lightning bolt birthmark on his cheek.
16.One of the soldiers. He can speak several languages.
17.She is Hare's girlfriend during his human life.
18.One of the captains. He is the team's pilot of their heli.
19.She is Hare's daughter with the freckles.
20.He is Hare's granddad and a meter swordsman from Spain. He also equips a bow.
2.He is a master swordsman from Spain. He is said to be Soldier Ben's ancestor.
3.She is Soldier Ben's girlfriend from 1459. She gets fire powers from Volcano God.
4.He is the chief, inventor, engineer, and doctor of the tribe.
6.She is Lilly's distant relative from 2012-A. She helps Zeo save Mad City.
8.One of the captains of Soldier Ben's crew. He is the strongest of the team.
10.Hare's future grandson from 2012-A. He is a ghost and a robot.
12.One of the soldiers. He uses bombs as his weapon.
14.He is the main character. He can use psychic and electric powers.
15.She carries a purse around everywhere and is Hare's wife.

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