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You raise me up 2

1 2
3             4  
  6 7               8
13           14

3.What ______________ are you having recently? You looked quite upset.
7.These ______________ are very tall, which makes them difficult to climb!
9.Don't make yourself ______________ by the past! You should look forward to the future.
10.I looked ______________ as I haven't slept for ten hours.
12.I can't tell you what is inside the box because I only ______________ it for a while.
13.I am ______________ for more knowledge and want to learn more. .
15.When will you ______________ to visit my family?
16.It is a ______________ that he hasn't hurt a bit in the car accident!
1.If you need to look furhter away, you need to ______________ on a higher place.
2.You can win mother's ______________ by simply giving her a hug and a kiss!
4.I pat his ______________ to show my suppport.
5.My dogs ______________ quietly next to me for hours.
6.Do you think you are strong enough to help me carry these bags?
8.It is ______________ outside. Don't go out to play.
11.He makes us all ______________ (unable to talk) by telling us a big secret.
14.I feel ______________ because my cats just passed away.

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