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The Black Death

Richard Pratico

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1.A heavily armed soldier in the Middle Ages.
5.It was introduced by William the Conqueror to England in 1066.
7.Also known as the Plague.
8.They lived in the center of the town were it was crowded and noisy.
11.Kings were known to have lived in them.
12.Highest rank in the Feudal System.
14.They are said to have spread the plague.
17.Were the Plague outbreak started.
18.This was usually thrown out the Window.
19.It was the most common form of the Plague.
2.Things that people thought would help or what was causing it.
3.Groups of Independent worker.
4.With a bite of it you might get the Plague.
6.Serfs lived in _ _ _ _ _ _.
9.The _ _ _ _ carried the fleas around to help spread the plague.
10.Something affecting many people at the same time; refers especially to disease.
13.An epidemic of disease which extends over a large geographic area.
15.Usually in the center of the town and were stuff could be bought and sold.
16.They lived on the out-skirts of the town.

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