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Animalia Classification Part 2

Mr. Adams

Fill in the missing terms, phylums, classes, and orders using the hints provided.

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3.this is the one exit hole for waste that reptiles and birds have
8.this order includes alligators, crocs and caimains
9.this class includes bony fish, they have rayed-fins, tuna and goldfish
10.eggs develop internally and hatch inside mother so it appears to be live-birth
13.this phylum includes all the vertebrates
14.this order includes snakes and lizards
15.amphibians "hear" vibrations with this special organ
16.live a double life on land and water, members of this class must be moist so they don't dry out
1.this class includes the cartilaginous fish, no bones, sharks and rays
2.this order includes the "shelled" reptiles, turtles and tortoises
4.in these animals the eggs hatch outside the mother
5.embryos get nutrients from mother, true live-birth
6.this order is ancient, only one species remains alive today, "little dinosaurs"
7.when an organism uses its external environment to maintain its body temp
11.fish have this protective flap over their gills
12.members of this class have dry scaly skin, lungs, are ectothermic, and lay eggs on land

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