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Animalia Classification Part 3

Mr. Adams

Fill in the missing terms, phylums, classes, and orders using the hints provided.

1 2 3
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4.this order contains mostly meat eaters, have large canine teeth
6.members of this order have two pairs of incisors that grow continually, all are herbivorous, mice and squirrels
7.order contains large aquatic carnivores, have teeth or baleen
9.birds have this organ, before the stomach, that helps grind their food down
10.bats, this order has the only mammals capable of true flight
13.these mammals give birth to underdeveloped young that grow up in a pouch
15.members of this order are all herbivores, large ears, and strong back legs for leaping
16.order contains large aquatic herbivores including manatees
17.these types of organisms maintain their body temperatures from within
18.order with herbivorous mammals with an odd number of toes
1.birds have this special organ that moistens food before it moves to the stomach
2.mammals that lay eggs and have a cloaca like reptiles and birds
3.members of this class have feathers, wings, and lay eggs
5.all members of this class have fur and mammary glands
8.mammals use this unique organ to help them breathe
11.order with herbivorous mammals with an even number of toes
12.members of this order have trunks, the elephants
14.these types of mammals give birth to almost fully developed young, humans, elephants, zebras
19.this chamber helps some herbivorous mammals digest grasses

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