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U.S. Constitution

Martin Vallecillos

This crossword is about the U.S. Constitution.

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1.This amendment gives us the right to vote.
5.The thriteenth amendment abolished ________.
6.When the Judicial branch declare laws unconstitutional, it is called ____.
9.There were two sides in the government, one was Anti-Federalists and the other was ______.
11.Which president was never elected?
12.This amendment allows Congress to tax incomes.
16.In the Constitution, you can find ________ articles.
17.Introduction to the Constitution.
18.When the Government combined both New Jersey and Virginia plan, it was called _________.
19.How many Amendments are there?
20.Amendment ____ repealed amendment eighteen.
21.The Virginia Plan was in favor of the ____ states.
2.The Anti-Federalists wanted rights for _______.
3.The amount of Supreme Courts.
4.What was the name of the first Constitution that failed?
5.The New Jersey Plan was in favor of the ____ states.
7.This title is given to the president who is in charge of the military.
8.Who takes presidency after the president?
10.The first ten Amendments are the ___.
13.The Three-Fifths Compromise focused on ________. (two words)
14.Amendment four talks about _______ people's home's.
15.Number of Cabinet members.
16.There is _____ principles in the Constitution
19.There are ____ branches.
20.Amendment that gives us the right to bear arms.

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