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Fun with Furniture


Let's see how well you know your furniture terms.

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1.How electricity gets from the building to a workstation. (2 words)
10.Computer program used by architects and designers to generate drawings.
11.How long it takes for furniture to deliver after order placement. (2 words)
13.The dimension of a panel's thickness pultiplied by how many times it occurs over the length of the space. (2 words)
15.The channel provided within a systems furniture panel to run electrical wiring and telephone cabling to the outlets.
16.Device used to lock two or more drawers together to prevent more than one drawer from opening at a time.
18.When product is shipped unassembled. (2 words)
19.Feature of chair back that is designed to fit the natural curve of the user's back. (2 words)
21.Door on overhead that is hinged at the top. (2 Words)
25.Electrical connection used to provide systems furniture with the building's power source (2 words)
26.A finished hole in a worksurface that allows for the passage of wires.
27.A clear or translucent light-trancmittin material.
29.A standard power source with 2 receptacles. (2 words)
30.The ability for systems furniture componenets to join into a perpendicular panel at any increment, rather than the ends of the panel only. (2 words)
2.Furniture that is specially designed based on the human body.
3.Power & data in horizontal strip above worksurface.
4.Storage unit that sits on a credenza.
5.Small wheels that allor for the mobility of a piece of furniture.
6.An aerial view of a space, room, or piece of furniture. (2 Words)
7.Office or desk seating unit.(2 words)
8.Clear enough to be seen through
9.Small, adjustable feet under a piece of furniture.
12.Freestanding office furniture.
14.The top of a desk. (2 words)
17.This keeps a tall file cabinet from tipping.
20.Work area that usually includes panels for privacy.
22.Term used when stanchions are used to mount shelving or overhead storage on top of a work surface.
23.Term used upholstery for furniture is from a source other than the furniutre manufacturer.
24.Small filing unit that can be fixed under top of desk or can be mobile.
28.The side worksurface stemming from the user's main worksurface.

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