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The Study of the Universe

Joel Jeffery

The Study of our Universe and our planets

1         2 3        
4                         5
8 9      
10   11                          
      13     14  
    15                               16
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21                         22          
  23           24            

1.97% percent of my atmosphere is made of this ?
3.I have an atmosphere similar to Earth's ?
4.I am the largest ocean in Earth ?
6.I discovered Jupiter's four largest moons ?
7.I was the first probe to go to Mercury ?
11.I cover one fifth of the Earth surface ?
15.How long is a day on Mercury ?
17.I found out that one particular comet comes around every 75 years ?
19.I am the Largest volcano in Our solar System ?
21.I am the largest peak on Earth ?
22.I am often called the baby bear planet ?
23.The average on Venus is ?
24.I am believed to be a fallen star ?
2.In this process I create Helium which generates energy ?
3.I am the biggest storm in our solar system ?
5.When I release these huge burdens of gas I destroy satellites
8.I am a large volcano in Venus ?
9.All the gas giants including Earth have this ?
10.I am the largest moon in the solar system ?
12.I am a heavily cratered moon ?
13.On Mercury how long is a year ?
14.I contain comets from which Halley's comet came from ?
16.I am the Roman Goddess of Beauty ?
18.My two moons are captured ?
20.I am the closest planet to the sun ?
21.I am the Roman God of War ?

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