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1 2 3  
8 9          
  10     11    
12     13       14    
18                   19    
22   23            
25               26    
      27                 28
    30 31              
  33     34
37     38    

2.How hot can mercury's temperature get (celsius) (numbers)?
7.Which substance can be mainly found on saturn along with hydrogen
9.What planet is four away from the sun?
11.How many moons does earth have
12.Which planet is most dense in the solar system?
16.Is saturn or jupiter largest?
17.How many planets is the solar system made up of?
18.how many moons does neptune have?
21.How long is a day on the sun
22.What does jupiter orbit?
24.Who is earth's sister planet?
25.What is the planet that is the most kilometres awat from the sun?
27.How many planets does uranus have (hours)?
29.Which planet used to be a planet?
31.What planet has an atmosphere with 97 percent carbon-dioxide?
32.How many planets is jupiter away from the sun?
33.Roman goddess mars is which god of what?
35.How many artificial objects are orbiting earth right now (numbers)?
36.What is the closet planet to the sun
37.How long is a day on pluto (hours) (numbers)?
38.How many days does it take venus to rotate (numbers)?
1.If you weigh 65 kilos on earth you weigh how much on pluto?
3.A person who weighs 65kilos on earth would weigh how much on mars (numbers)?
4.Which planet has rings around it's atmosphere?
5.How many moons does uranus have?
6.Which objects in outer space are too small to be called planets so they are called...?
8.What are comets made out of?
10.How many moons does mercury have?
13.Which Nickname does saturn have.
14.Mars has the nickname of what?
15.How many moons does saturn have?
19.Which planet is named after the roman goddess for love and beauty?
20.Which planet has a rocky surface?
22.What star is closest to earth?
23.Which planet is the most distance away from the?
24.Which planet has maat mons mountain?
26.How many planets is uranus away from the sun?
28.How cold can mercury surface temperature get (celsius) (numbers)?
30.Which planet is referred to as the blue planet?
34.What year was pluto downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet (numbers) ?

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