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Zak Connor

1 2
3 4                          
  6             7
9 10     11              
15     16      
17                   18          
    21                           22
25         26                        
29         30                    
31                   32 33        
34 35     36              

4.set of start on our national flag
5.used to see in space
6.spins on a axis and often points at the sun
8.the galaxy that contains our solar system
11.gets it bright blue colour from methane gas
12.the gas we breath in
13.chunks of ice left over from the formation of the solar system
14.it keeps us on the ground
17.the people who explore space
18.second man on the moon
19.similar to earth in size and mass
21.bit of rock that has come from far away and has a tail
23.has rings around it
25.an atmosphere of gases and gravity
27.occurs when moon passes behind the earth
29.we see them when we look up at the sky at night
30.jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune are called...
31.first man on the moon
33.planets have their own
35.orbiting earth right now
37.largest planet in our solar system
38.closest planet to sun
1.mercury, venus, earth and mars are called...
2.person who studies the solar system
3.the space craft that made it to the moon
7.saturn is the only planet known with them
9.most planets have them
10.third man on the moon and pilot of apollo eleven
15.bigger than the solar system but smaller than the universe
16.huge ball of hot, glowing gases
20.rocky remains
22.something that travels around another object
24.the craft that moves in space
26.the solar...
28.the red planet
32.famous space organisation
33.small particle from a comet or asteroid
34.called a dwarf planet
36.the planet we live on

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