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Lost in space

Tom Bates

1 2 3
    6 7    
8           9                          
15   16                          
19 20    
        22   23  
24               25          
  26               27            
28     29       30   31              

5.What are the three gas giants
8.Second biggest gas giant in our solar system
9.Third man on the moon
13.What does Venus' atmosphere manly consist of
14.Makes up the belt between mars and Jupiter
16.believed to be the main particle that helped create our solar system
17.What was the space crafts name that did not make it to the moon
18.The world most famous space organisation
21.Second man on moon
22.the planet was named after the roman god of war
24.A planet with a tropical cyclone thats been going for hundreds of years
25.Is no more a planet
26.Its the galaxy we are in
27.its when the moon blocks the sun
28.the plant was named after the roman god of sea
31.Scientists have found more 90,00
1.The third of the gas giants
2.First man on the moon
3.What does a U.F.O. stand for
4.more than 8,000 artificial of these in the sky
6.It is now the smallest planet in our solar system
7.Man made robotic machine that explores planets
10.Its atmosphere traps in the heat
12.Name of the first ship on moon
13.Made up of dirty ice and and rock
15.Every planet in our solar system revolves around it
19.Only planet with know life
20.What are the two main elements that makes up the ring around saturn
21.A massive explosion that created our solar system
23.Made up of astroids that go around a planet
24.Is the biggest planet in our solar system
29.True or false, water existed on mars.
30.when was pluto classified a dwaf planet

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