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Toy Story


Let's go see how our friend Woody is doing, shall we? Uh oh, looks like he's in a pickle...

1 2 3 4
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7.A toy that Andy owns; he is the leader of the Army Men
8.The house that our two frenemies get trapped in, the astronomical one of which gets hysterical after realizing that he is, in fact, a toy
9.The room that the whole movie starts off in where Andy loves to play with his toys
10.The number of Andy's mom's liscense plate; it also happens to be a recurring Pixar Easter Egg, as it is a classroom that the Pixar producers study
11.The house that the astronomical frenemy gets picked up in, a safe haven for toys opposed to the prison that our two main frenemies get put in [Note: Not the room]
12.The leader of the 'misfit toys' that Sid has made look extremely demented
13.The company, other than Disney, that helped produce the movie
14.The name of the kid who owns all of our favorite toys
16.A toy that Andy gets for his birthday; he is astronomical, has two names, and doesn't think he's a toy
17.The name of the green aliens found in the Claw Machine
18.A ball with a blue stripe and yellow base, with a red star on top that has turned into a common Pixar Easter Egg
21.A toy that Andy owns; he is a cowboy, jealous of a certain astronomical toy and is in love with Bo Peep
23.A toy that Andy owns; he is a dog with a spring connecting his upper body parts and his lower body parts
24.The machine that the green aliens worship
25.Finish the Quote: "Wait...we're strapped to a ______! ______s explode!"
1.A toy that Andy owns; he is a talking potato, one of which is married and is made by the company Hasbro
2.A toy that Andy owns; he is a pink plastic piggy bank that also has an alter ego: the evil Dr. Porkchop!
3.A truck that was a major part of the first Toy Story that turned into a Pixar Easter Egg, appearing in many other Pixar movies other than Toy Story
4.A toy that Andy owns; he is a porcelain who owns three sheep and a cane, who is based off of the folk tale character of a folk tale about sheep
5.The arcade that Andy goes to for his birthday, in which two robotic guards wield a sword and shield, guarding the entrance
6.A toy that Andy owns; he helps a lot of the other toys as they allow them far sight, as he is a pair of toy binoculars
15.The name of Sid's dog
17.An early sketch of this Toy Story 3 antagonist appeared in the movie, towards the beginning
19.A lamp that first appeared in a Pixar short and was turned into a frequent Pixar Easter Egg, even going as far as bouncing on the letter I during the Pixar title
20.The name of Sid's sister
22.The gas station that our two main frenemies appear at, that just so happens to have the same name as the company that sponsors the races that Lightning McQueen are in in the original Cars
23.The name of the main antagonist, who likes to make mess with toys and make them demented
25.A toy that Andy owns; he is a talking green dinosaur who is cowardly and has a weak roar
26.A toy that Andy owns; he is able to write on himself, as he is one of those toys in which you have a magnetic pen and write on a magnetic board

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