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Natural Resources (Minerals and Mining)

Kelly M.

1 2 3
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6               7              
8     9 10         11
  13 14 15                           16
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4.This property is more accurate than color.
5.The tendency of some minerals to break unevenly.
6.The measure of how much matter is in a given amount of space.
7.A mineral's resistance to being scratched.
10.Impurities can affect this property.
12.A scale used to determine the hardness of minerals.
15.What kind of minerals are composed of only one element?
17.A streak is left on a sheet of unglazed porcelain called a _______ _______.
18.What is a mineral deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for profit.
20.Are minerals living or nonliving?
21.Some minerals must be __________ to get the element minerals contain.
22.What kind of structure do all minerals have?
24.The tendency of some minerals to break along smooth, flat surfaces.
1.What are solid, geometric forms of minerals?
2.The direction ore is mined in.
3.When minerals are located too deep within Earth to be surface mined, miners use this method.
8.These minerals are valued for beauty and are measured in carats.
9.Other special properties minerals have are called __________ _________.
11.What cannot be broken down into simpler substances?
13.Metallic and nonmetallic are types of this property.
14.Water's density in grams per cubic centimeter.
16.Examples of this type of mining are open pits, strip mining, and quarries.
19.Where are minerals formed?
23.Can minerals be liquid?(yes or no)

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