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Developmental Psychology Ch.10 & 11

No Spaces Between words

2 3                       4  
6             7                
10 11     12                  
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3.intense period of self-exploration (2 Words)
5.conform to the expectations of others regarding their future; have not experienced an identity crisis
6.reflex; turn head in direction of stroke to cheek
7.Most adolescents rely on a peer group for social and ____ support
8.period of life when the individual is transformed from a child to an adult
11.enduring emotional bond
13.process by which a person develops a stable sense of self (2 Words)
14.Groups of adolescents with similar interest and strong mutual attachment
15.startle reflex, response to being frightened (e.x. loud noise)
16.The onset of sexual maturation, with accompanying physical development
17.Forming one is a key psychosocial task in adolescence
18.Genetic blueprint directing much of emerging characteristics of patterns of growth
1.(Piaget's stage) thought, allowing them to manipulate abstract concepts, reason hypothetically, and speculate about alternatives and the future
2.term for adolescent\'92s delusion that they are unique and very important (2 Words)
4.believing that you cannot be hurt which encourages needless risks
9.is a rapid increase in height and weight usually signaling the onset of sexual maturation (2 Words)
10.Least well developed sense at birth
12.adolescent has gone through a identity crisis and has made a commitment to a sense of identity

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