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War and Peace

Robin Harragin

War and Peace revision - AS Edexcel RS Philosophy and Ethics

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7.A set of agreements aimed to protect prisoners of war, outlawing torture etc.
9.He looked into the Bible and found that sometimes war was used by the people of God
10.There must be a just reason for going to war in the first place (e.g. self defence)
13.This was the theory that was made to resolve the conflict between the pacifism of Christianity and the agression of the Roman empire
14.The injustice which led to the war must be proportionate to the damage it causes
15.When appplied to pacifism this is when it is shown that peaceful solutions should be taken because they work better
1.A set of agreements designed to regulate military conduct banning cruel weapons
2.The theory that violence is always intrinsically wrong
3.Just practice while in war
4.He added to Augustine's Just War Theory ideas
5.The philosopher who adopted Theological Christian Realism which is the view that war is needed to restrain the violent tendencies of mankind
6.All peaceful alternatives must first have been attempted
8.When applied to pacifism this is when, after peaceful solutions have been tried and failed, war might be allowed
10.Just reasons for going to war
11.The war must be intended to achieve some good outcome (e.g. lasting peace)
12.War must be ordered by a competant, legitimate authority

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