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Things Fall Apart

1                 2  
4 5  
6               7           8  
9               10            
    12 13 14   15 16    
  19                   20  
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  24   25                
29                 30      

1.Kindness; generosity
3.To start a fire; to stir up
6.Serious or grave
7.A lot
9.To thrive; to grow well and healthily
10.Word choice intended to convey a certain effect
17.Not fully worked out; uncertain
18.Great sadness; misfortune
19.The formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech; pronunciation
21.To make things right; to make up for
24.The intended listener of a speech.
27.The speaker’s intended result in addressing the audience
29.A person who is hard to find; one who wanders
30.A speaker’s attitude toward a subject
31.A shelter or place of protection
2.The processes of working with another person or group to exchange ideas, develop new understandings, make decisions, and solve problems.
4.Inappropriate; going against sacred things
5.Savagery; animal-like aggression
8.Very juicy
11.To continue; prolong
12.The speed at which language is delivered
13.Bright; clear
14.Discouraging; Hopeless
15.Intended to harm or cause trouble
16.Ability to bounce back or take former shape
22.Difficult; very demanding
23.A bad situation
25.To tell the difference between things
26.The subject of a speech or discussion.
27.Powerful; strong
28.Skillful; clever

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