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1 2 3
4     5      
8 9              
  10     11      
12     13   14                
    16   17      
    18     19
      20     21     22
      24     25      
28       29 30       31   32

4.That part of 'rhinitis' which means 'inflammation of'
6.Name of the major artery in the neck
9.The 'neur' in neuritis
11.The 'coccyx' is the ______bone
12.'Larynx is the ________box
14.The finger and toe knuckles are called _________
15.The shoulder blade
16.The '2 headed' upper arm muscle
21.'Ossification' means the making of this
23.Name of the lower jaw
24.The suffix which means 'removal of'
26.Strongest bone in the body
28.Bone in the arm that means 'ell'
29.That part of 'neuralgia' which means 'pain'
33.The Greek prefix for 'blood'
34.'Pharyngitis' means having a sore_________
1.The collarbone
2.The kneecap
3.'Subclavian' means _________ the collarbone
5.That part of 'arteriosclerosis' which means 'hardening of''
7.Latin for 'skin'
8.'Nasal' means pertaining to this
10.An 'invertebrate' is an organism lacking this
13.The bone that encases the brain
15.Latin for 'breastbone'
17.The outer layer of the brain
18.A 'digital' exam is permormed by __________
19.'corpus' is Latin for __________
20.Latin for 'tongue'
22.'Auris' is Latin for ________
25.Venous blood lacks this
26.the number indicated in 'quadriceps'
27.The shinbone
30.'Pulmonary' means relating to this
31.The 'Pectorals' are muscles of the _________
32.The 'cardi' in 'myocardium'

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