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Ocean Currents


Ocean currents

1 2 3
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10.travels on ocean currents
13.water that changes direction because it hits land
14.like a ball
18.movement in a continued path
21.replacement of warm surface water by cold, nutrient rich water
22.tiny, one-celled plants; basis of food chain
25.streamlike movements of water
26.originate from glaciers
27.repeated pattern
1.tiny plants that are food for other organisms
2.caused by differences in water density
3.deepest and densest water in the ocean
4.tiny animals that are food for other organisms
5.water on Earth
6.deflection of moving objects from a straight path
7.winds that blow world-wide
8.the amount of matter in a given space or volume
9.movement of water caused by wind
11.one of the strongest surface currents on Earth
12.movement of water due to density differences
16.healthy sources of energy
17.main path of travel
20.weather patterns over long periods of time for an area
23.measure of the amount of dissolved salts or solids in a liquid

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